Cleaning the Ecsaine

Author: Anonymous

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Just for the record, the "suede" material is called "Ecsaine" and is something of an "ultra-suede." It's synthetic. The owner's manual suggests using a mixture of warm water and Woolite (actually, they use a generic term that means "Woolite"). You'll want to use a soft cloth and "blot" (don't scrub) the dirt away. Some, however, have had good luck using commercial suede cleaners that are used on shoes (the spray type, available at shoe departments at Wal-Mart, or at shoe stores). Just follow the directions on the can.

IMPORTANT: Don't scrub. You will quickly do irreparable damage.

Just in case you're dating the coal miner's daughter, try Resolve carpet spray. Let it soak a minute, then blot, not rub with a damp cloth.

I never used a cleaner on my "suede" and it was pretty dirty when I got it. A friend of mine has a SVX too and he uses this thing that looks like a lint brush. You gently brush away the gunk and it makes the "suede" look awesome. It is made for suede. I don't know what it is called other than suede brush.

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