Intake Manifold Removal

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  1. Remove collector cover.
  2. Disconnect throttle and cruise control cables.
  3. Disconnect engine harness connectors.
  4. Remove female harness connectors from bracket
  5. Disconnect auxiliary air control valve electrical connector.
  6. Disconnect two (2) coolant hoses from throttle chamber.
  7. Disconnect auxiliary air control valve hose from throttle body.
  8. Disconnect PCV valve hose from valve.
  9. Remove R.H. PCV valve from valve cover.
  10. Disconnect EGR control hoses from intake manifold.
  11. Remove EGR pipe cover and EGR pipe.
  12. Disconnect power steering switch electrical connector.
  13. Disconnect power brake booster hose from intake manifold.
  14. Disconnect fuel hoses from fittings at fuel rail.
  15. Remove drive belt cover and drive belts.
  16. Disconnect alternator "B"/"+" connector from alternator.
  17. Remove alternator harness cover fastener.
  18. Remove alternator.
  19. Remove A/C belt idler pulley. Remove A/C bracket fasteners
  20. and move bracket and compressor forward to facilitate
  21. Removal of intake manifold fasteners.
  22. Remove intake manifold fasteners and remove manifold. (17-20 ft lb - no sequence)

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