Steering Wheel Removal

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Before you start, get a Torx Security bit set. I think the bit size you need is either TX-30 or TX-40 (I can't remember). The difference between a regular Torx bit and a Torx security bit is that the security bit has a little hole in the center.

Before you remove the steering wheel, make sure that the front wheels are completely straight ahead before you start. That will make it much easier when you put the steering wheel back on. Just a couple insights. Don't take the center nut completely off, just loosen it a couple threads, that way it won't pop you in the mug when it comes loose. Actually you should use a puller to remove the wheel. Before removing the wheel, use a nail or similar to scratch a mark on the wheel hub and the column shaft for re-installation alignment.

The airbag deploys via electrical current. So you will need to disconnect the battery. Disconnect the negative side of the battery and let it sit for 15 minutes to fully drain the charge. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP unless the possibility of an airbag blowing up in your face thrills you. Another word of caution.....When removing your air bag, do it standing off to the side, NOT sitting in front of it. If it was to deploy you’re less likely to get hurt.

Remove the plastic covers on either side of the steering wheel. Now you will use the Torx security bit to remove the airbag. If I remember correctly, there are 2 screws on each side. Once you have removed them, the airbag should be loose. Gently pull off the airbag (the center part of the steering wheel). It will be attached to the steering wheel via a wiring harness. The harness wiring is not that long, so don't pull it out too far. You should now be able to unclip the harness. Note that before you start handling the airbag, it's best to touch a grounded part of the car. Also, do not put the airbag on anything that might generate any static electricity (such as a plastic bag).

Once you have removed the airbag, you will need to need to remove a center nut before you can remove the steering wheel (I can't remember the size of the nut, but it's a big one). The nut comes off easy, but the steering wheel will take a few tugs to loosen up. Once it's loose, it can be pulled right off. The removal part is now complete.

Before you put the put the steering wheel back on, line up the hub by following the directions on hub. If you don't, your steering wheel will not point the same directions as the wheels.

Now reconnect your wiring harness on the airbag. Same rules apply about avoiding static electricity. Put the torx screws back in. Replace the plastic covers. Reconnect the battery. Start the car. Look at the dash for the airbag light. When you start the car, it should stay on for about 10 seconds and then go out. If it stays on, you didn't reconnect the airbag properly. Take the car for a drive and make sure the steering wheel is lined at the top when you are going in a straight line.

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