Temperature Gauge Installation

Author: Earl Steele

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In order for the gauge to get a temperature reading, it needs to have a sending unit or sensor mounted somewhere in a line or into the transmission. The best place and easiest way to do this is in a remote transmission filter. The PermaCool filter (), has a hole in it for a sensor, or it can be plugged with a plug that comes with the filter housing.

I mounted my filter on the right side of the car because it had more room there for it. You can see pictures of the filter being mounted in my locker. If I had it to do over again, and I will, I would mount it sideways instead of vertical. That way, when you change the filter cartridge, as you take it off, the oil comes out of the filter between the mount and filter and into a pan instead of down the sides of the vertical filter cartridge.

I screwed the sending unit, or sensor, into the mount before bolting it in place. The only thing that you will have to do after the filter is installed is to run a wire from the sensor to the gauge. A spade comes with the sensor, and it is fastened to the wire (I got 50í of 12 or 14 ga. black wire). Black is not seen as well as red or blue, and as long as you know which wire is which when you get it to the gauge, it doesnít really matter. After the spade is fastened to the wire, clip it to the top of the sensor. The wire is then run to the gauge in the best and shortest route. I mounted my Dakota Digital gauge between the forward post and dash. I have a couple of pictures in my locker showing this. Some members have mounted it in their ashtray, which works ok too. On the back of the sensor, it shows where to mount the wire that comes from the sensor. It also has a place for a wire which comes from the power supply. You can come from any of the switched fuses to the gauge that you would like (use red wire on it). Make sure that it is fused to protect the gauge. There is usually a place to attach a wire from a light switch which will dim the light when you turn on the lights (dark) so it will not be as bright. I didnít bother to do this.

That is about all there is to it. If you have any other questions, let me know. Good luck.

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