Replacing the Remote Batteries

Author: Anonymous

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The remote batteries that replace the button batteries that come with your remote can be purchased from Radio Shack - GP-27A (keyless remote) batteries (AAAA). They look like miniature AAA batteries and replace the button batteries perfectly. They are a lot cheaper (2 for about $1.79).
  1. Start by unscrewing the 4 screws that hold the remote together.
  2. Pull it apart to see the batteries that are in it at this time.
  3. Replace the dead battery or batteries with the new AAAA battery.
  4. Put the two halves of the remote together making sure the swivel for the key ring is in the proper place to be held by the remote.
  5. Put the screws back and tighten.
  6. Check the remote by turning the system on or off.

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