Replacement of Room Lamp

Author: Anonymous

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Go to Radio Shack, if you have them where you are.

Get a package of #7219 Micro Lamps (stock number 272-1092C). These are the replacement bulbs.

For the room light switch, carefully remove the two lenses over the spotlights.

Remove the two screws (one each side) that you now have access to.

Pull down the assembly and disconnect the wiring harness.

On top there are two sockets with a screwdriver slot. These are the bulb holders. Remove them.

Remove the old bulbs by unwinding the wires (note how they are wound as you want to put the new ones in the same way). You will have to trim the new leads. Don't forget to take the green rubber piece off the old bulbs and install on the new ones.

Reassemble and reinstall.


The Radio Shack 272-1092C bulbs are not as long as the factory bulbs. On the first try, I pulled the new bulb all the way into the bottom of the plastic holder, but then the green "condom" wouldn't stay on. So I removed the bulb and inserted a tiny piece of toothpick inside the holder. That prevented the bulb from seating all the way down, and the green rubber lens fit just right.

I've since seen another post with a better method to raise the bulb:

Use short pieces of insulation stripped from a small gauge wire. Slide a piece down each of the two leads of the bulb before you thread the wires into the holder.

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