Counter-Flow ATF Fluid Diagram / Diverter Valve Info

Author: svx_commuter

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The diverter valve, used in my counter-flow setup, is near the bottom of the frame on the driver's side, between the radiator and the frame, in between the external filter and the front wall the radiator mounts on.

Itís a tight fit. The handle for the valve, which is similar to a ball valve, has been bent to fit the space better.

The valve is held in place with a few cable ties between the valve body/ac line and ATF lines. I just redid it about a month ago. With the valve in the original position I used, it was hitting the external ATF filter.

I still believe there is a built in trans ATF temperature regulation control circuit that works through the lockup valve, but I havenít had time to prove or did prove it.

The auxiliary cooler I am using drops the ATF 15įF. The radiator also drops the ATF 15įF.

My radiator in my setup is not an original 92. It does not have the mesh screen inside the stock cooler.

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