Carbon Fiber Hood Lifter Install

Author: AFBeefcake

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Here are some of the parts your will need. All Napa part numbers:

  • 2 sets lift support brackets (ball studs) #725-1591
  • 2 Lifters #819-5591
  • 4 nuts to fit lift ball studs
  • 2 fender washers to fit lift ball studs
  • 2 nylon washers to fit lift ball studs
  • 1 set (2) of factory hood lifters working or not (I sold my good ones and got some shot ones)
  1. Remove the mounting bracket from the factory lifters by drilling the rivet out and save the washer and mounting bracket.
  2. Install the ball stud into the mounting bracket using the original washer on one side and a nylon washer and nut on the other side.

  3. Install bracket and ball stud assemble on to car. (Use the factory bolts)

  4. Locate the spot on the hood where the factory lifters would go (you should see a spot on the hood from the mold where the lifters would go) drill a hole the size of the shank of the ball studs.
  5. Then drill an access hole in the under side of the hood near the hole for the ball stud. (This hole is to get a nut on the backside of the ball stud. I try gluing the ball studs into the hood and they only held for a couple of weeks)

  6. Install the ball stud into the hood with the fender washer on the outside and the nut on the inside of the hood. (If you can put a washer or locknut on the inside of the nut for more support)
  7. Install the new lifters on to the new top and bottom ball studs. (Push the clip tops down on the lifters to hold them in place.)

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