Operating Instructions for the Remote Entry and Alarm

Author: Subaru

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When activated the SVX security system helps protect your car and valuables from intrusion and theft by sounding the horn, flashing the lights, and interrupting the starter circuit.

  • Turning the system on and off. With the ignition turned off, press the dashboard on/off switch marked 'security'. The system is on when the lighted switch flashes, and off when the light is out.
    • Operation by Remote transmitter.
      • When leaving the car, ensure the on/off switch is on and flashing. Close all doors and trunk.
      • To arm the system and lock the doors, push the remote transmitter button until the car signals 'armed' with one beep of the horn and one flash of the lights.
      • To disarm the system and unlock the doors, push the remote transmitter until the car signals two beeps and two flashes of the lights.
      • If the system is armed with the remote it should be disarmed with the remote. If not, open the door with the key and stop the alarm by turning on the ignition.
    • Operation without remote transmitter.
      • To arm the system when leaving the car ensures the on/off switch is on and flashing, and doors and trunk closed.
      • Depress the inside driver's door lock or lock door with the key
      • System is automatically armed and locks any unlocked doors 20 seconds after the last door/trunk closes
      • To disarm the system, unlock either door, enter car and turn on ignition
      • Audible reminder countdown inside car signals impending alarm activation until ignition is turned on (20 seconds).
    • Turning off the alarm.
      • Press remote transmitter until the alarm stops or turn on the ignition with the key.
    • Panic Mode. The alarm may be set off to draw attention to an emergency situation
      • To activate: depress remote transmitter for at least 6 seconds. The horn sounds a warning note after 2 seconds until the full alarm sounds
      • To stop the panic alarm. Press and hold the transmitter until the alarm stops or use the key to turn on the ignition.
    • Keyless entry. Even with the security turned off, lock or unlock the doors by depressing the transmitter. The horn will confirm the action with multiple short beeps

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