SVX Lights and Numbers

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Light Name Part Number Comment
R/L Room Spot / Map Lights 84920AC050  
Sun Roof Switch Control Light 84920AC050  
Switch Names (Spot - Door - Room - Spot) 83426PA000  
R/L Sun Visor Lights 84920GA450  
Room Light - (overhead) 684102190 12V - 8W
Cruise Control Switch (illumi) 83426PA020  
Cruise Control Switch (on) 83426PA030  
Fog Light Switch (illumi) 83426PA020  
Fog Light Switch (on) 83426PA030  
Security System Switch (illumi) 83426PA020  
Security System Switch (on) 83426PA030  
Rear Defrost Switch (illumi) 83426PA020  
Rear Defrost Switch (on) 83426PA030  
Hazard Light Switch (illumi) 83426PA020  
Hazard Light Switch (on) 83426PA030  
Mirror Adjust Switch (illumi)    
R/L Mirror Select Switch (illumi)    
Mirror Defrost Switch (illumi) 83426PA010  
Mirror Defrost Switch (on) 83426PA030  
Parking Lights Switch (illumi) 83426PA010  
Parking Lights Switch (on) 83426PA030  
Ignition Key Halo Light    
Cigar Lighter / Ashtray Light 86726PA000  
Gear Shift Indicator Light   194 Wedge Bulb
Drivers Courtesy Light 84920PA050  
Glove Box Light 84920PA030 12V - 3.4W
Passenger Courtesy Light 84920PA050  
Trunk Room Light 684102500 12V - 5W
R/L Fog Lights h3 84920GA400 12V - 55W
R/L High Beam Lights 9005 84920GA000 12V - 65W
R/L Low Beam Lights 9006 84920GA010 12V - 55W
R/L Front Park / Signal Lights 84920GA080 12V - 27 / 8W
R/L Rear Side Marker Lights 684102510 12V - 3.8W
R/L Park / Signal Lights 784920020/td> 12V - 27W
R/L Stop Tail Lights 784920030 12V - 27 / 8W
R/L Stop Tail Lights (on luggage lid) 784920030 12V - 27 / 8W
R/L Back Up Lights 784920020 12V - 27W
R/L License Plate Lights 84920PA090 12V - 5W
Drivers Side Key Halo   194 Wedge Bulb

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