State Emission Testing, VECI Labels

Author: Subaru

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NUMBER: 11-48-96

DATE: 07-12-96

APPLICABILITY: All Subaru Models

State Emission Testing

Many states have established vehicle emission testing programs in accordance with Federal and California requirements. Both the U.S. EPA and California consider the underhood Vehicle Emission Control Information (VECI) or tune-up label as an integral part of state emission inspections because it provides information on critical emission-related parts which must be maintained in order for the vehicle to meet applicable emission standards. Additionally, these labels are used to ensure correct vehicle testing and hence minimizing false failures and customer dissatisfaction by identifying the proper vehicle testing classification.

Upon customer request or during normal dealer vehicle service activity, if it is determined that the Vehicle Emission Control Information or tune-up label is missing or requires replacement due to hood replacement, please follow the label replacement ordering guidelines in Subaru Parts Bulletin PT-74 11-91 dated 10/15/91 (included). There is no charge for replacement labels. Vacuum hose routing diagram labels can be obtained in the same manner. Label installation locations are identified in the applicable model year service manual.

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