Outside Mirror Glass Replacement Procedure

Author: Subaru

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NUMBER: 12-65-96

DATE: 06-11-96



Tools required:

small regular screwdriver, heat gun, safety glasses, gloves, scraper or equivalent.

If you encounter a customer complaint of a cracked or distorted outside mirror glass (LH or RH), the following steps should be followed after confirming proper operation of the mirror assembly (warranty coverage for cracks and distortions from product failure only - NOT from stone chips, abuse, etc.).

Part numbers for the replacement mirrors can be obtained through normal parts channels. In some cases, a heated mirror replacement will be used in a non-heated mirror assembly. This is a normal part number supersession.

Note: Wear Safety Classes & Gloves

Removal of damaged mirror

  1. Heat the mirror holder. See figure 1. Take care not to overheat the mirror assembly or the painted surface.
  2. Carefully insert a regular screwdriver between the mirror and the mirror holder. Gently lift the mirror out of the holder.
  3. If you are working with a heated mirror, it will be necessary to disconnect the wires at this time.
  4. Clean the old adhesive from the mirror holder assembly. Using a scraper or equivalent.

Installation of mirror glass

  1. If the new mirror glass has a protective coating on it, remove it now.
  2. Install either the two urethane strips or the two pieces of double sided tape to the mirror assembly. (Supplied with the replacement mirror.)
  3. If you are working with a heated mirror, it will be necessary to connect the wires at this time.
  4. Position the mirror and carefully press into place, making sure the mirror is positioned behind the mirror holder.
  5. Confirm proper operation of the mirror assembly.

This new operation number can be claimed using the following warranty information for vehicles within the terms of the Subaru Limited Warranty, since it is not necessary to remove the mirror assembly from the vehicle.

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