Fuel Injector Removal Procedures

Author: Subaru

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NUMBER: 09-33-95

DATE: 11-9-95



When removing and/or replacing the fuel injector(s), it is imperative that the following instructions be strictly adhered to. Failing to do so may result in damage to the injector(s).

NOTE: Pliers or any other tools not specified in these instructions should not be used under any circumstances to prevent damage to the fuel injector(s).

The removed fuel injectors will be remanufactured to new standards and used as a future replacement part(s). Physically damaged fuel injector(s) that cannot be remanufactured will not be accepted by Subaru of America Inc. and a partial dealer charge back will be issued.


  1. Disconnect the fuel pump connector. Start the engine and allow the engine to stall. Crank the engine for 5 seconds and turn the ignition switch to the off position.
  2. Remove the air cleaner upper case, air flow meter and the air inlet boot as an assembly. On SVX vehicles also remove the power steering hose tie-wrap on the right side of the engine.
  3. Remove the fuel injector cap(s) being very careful not to misplace the rubber spacer(s) fitted between the cap(s) and the injector(s). The rubber spacer(s) must be reinstalled with the new injector(s). Refer to Figure 1.
  4. Using only your fingers, turn the fuel injector(s) 90 degrees. The fuel injector(s) connectors on both sides of the engine should be pointed towards the front of the vehicle. Refer to Figure 2.
  5. Using a large flat screwdriver with a 3/8 to 1/2 inch blade gently pry the injector up by twisting the screw driver between the underside of the fuel injector connector area and the fuel injector cap mounting area. Refer to Figure 3. NOTE: Do not damage the fuel injector cap mounting threads.
  6. Remove the fuel injector(s) and place it in the box that contained the new injector(s) or wrap it to protect it during return shipping and handling. Any injectors received damaged will not be accepted.


  1. Coat the fuel injector "O" ring(s) of the new injector(s) and the mating area of the fuel rail with engine oil. Install the fuel injector(s) into the fuel rail and carefully push it in by hand until it is fully seated. Make sure the injector connector is in the correct position so the injector cap can be installed correctly.
  2. Place the rubber spacer(s) back in position and install the injector cap and bolts.
  3. Reconnect the fuel pump connector.
  4. Reinstall the air cleaner case, air flow meter, air inlet boot and tie-wrap for SVX vehicles that was previously removed.
  5. Start the engine while holding the accelerator open 1/4 throttle to clear any fuel that may have dripped into the intake manifold.
  6. Carefully check each injector for leaks.

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