Changing Front Sway Bar Bushings

Author: Green1995SVX

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I always noticed that my new svx handled terribly compared to my old Green one, and always wondered why. I also have been experiencing some unknown clunking and banging in the front suspension. Today I had the suspension apart to replace the front right spindle/hub assembly and noticed that my sway bar bushings were totally shot. I decided to execute a replacment right away while i had everything apart. I thought I would do a service and throw a how-to of the process on here. :)

First, locate the sway bar bushing on your front suspension. Note that the hub assy is missing from my car since I already had it off for other reasons.

Now, if you're in the northeast, like me, you'll want to give everything a healthy coating of PB Blaster or other penetrating lube.

Now remove one of the two bolts holding the bushing retainer bracket in place.

And the other...

Once the bolts are removed you'll need to pry the retainer bracket straight down with a screw driver or other small tool.

You're now ready to install your new Sway Bar Bushing. Here is a comparison of what a bad bushing looks like as compared to a good example.

Now it's time to install the new bushing. Place the new bushing around the sway bar.

Now slide the retainer bracket over the bushing.

Now, with the bracket fully in place, line up the mounting holes with the flange on the subframe.

Next, reinstall the mounting bolts. This is the part where I wished I had 3 hands. You'll need to push pretty hard with one hand to get everything properly lined up.

Your new bushing is now installed! Time to go tear up those twisties!!

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