Air Box Modification

Author: Chiketkd

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This mod will work for both stock SVXs as well as ones in which owners have modified the intake resonator by removing the bottom section. It serves two main purposes:
  1. Almost completely seals the air box from the hot engine air (there's a tiny ball-point sized hole that sits in the lower section of the air box to allow any water that gets into your air box to drain out. I did NOT plug this hole)
  2. If you've fabricated a ram-air system, it will operate much more efficiently (less pressure drop when forced air enters air box - as it cannot escape into the engine bay but is forced through the air filter into the engine!)
  3. This mod takes about 1/2 hour to do and on a difficulty scale of 1-10 (10 is most difficult), I'd rate this as a 1. If you can change your air filter and turn a socket wrench, you can do this mod!
  4. The intake resonator, shown below, sits inside the passenger-side fender of the SVX. It runs in a U-shape from a point directly behind the turn signal, to a point just inside of the air box:

The portion that terminates at the air box doesn't form a seal of any kind with a rubber ring that goes around the opening.

To do this mod, you'll need a socket wrench, 10mm socket and extension, as well as the $3 water-proof wrapping tape from your local hardware store or WalMart.

Step 1: Remove the entire upper and lower portion of the air box. The lower portion is held down by two 10mm bolts on a bracket, and rubber piece that sticks into the fender. The portion of the resonator that sticks into the air box will be clearly visible:

Step 2: Take the 'rubbery' wrapping tape and wrap it around the 1 inch tip of the resonator.

Step 3: Test fit the bottom portion of the airbox with the wrapped end of the resonator. Check for a tight, snug, air-tight fit! (if still loose, put more wrap around the resonator until the fit is snug)

Step 4: Re-assemble the air box. You're all done!!!!

P.S. I took my car for a drive afterwards. Nothing felt much different but above 90+mph on the interstate I did notice a much "stronger" intake induction noise than before. I have modified my intake resonator so that only the top 6 inches remain and I've cut it so that the opening is flush with the front of the car.

I'm not sure if it I'm getting a true ram-air effect at high speeds, but this mod will definitely help keep 160+ degree engine bay heat out of my intake.

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