Starter relay bypass installation

Author: Dannmarr

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  1. Disconnect battery
  2. Install wires to relay terminals (# 30, 85, 86, 87)

  3. Install relay to engine area

  4. Disconnect wire to starter and connect it to relay terminal # 85
  5. Connect wire from relay terminal # 87 to starter
  6. Connect wire from relay terminal # 86 to ground

  7. Connect wire from relay terminal # 30 to Battery +

  8. Reconnect battery
Youíre all done! I used a black wire for the power, green for the ground and blue for the load. You can use any combination of colors as long as you know which one goes where. Make the wires long enough to reach itís locations, you can always cut to fit. ALERT! With this installation, DO NOT shift into park or neutral while the cruise control is activated. The cruise control is grounded through the starter and will activate the relay and starter again! Just remember to deactivate the cruise control before you use park or neutral.
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