Turn Signal Operation

Author: Subaru

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NUMBER: 08-32-94

DATE: 02-14-94

97-MY-93MY SVX


Affected Vehicles:
All 1992 SUBARU SVX's
1993 Subaru SVX's up to P*101119

If you encounter a customer complaint of a turn signal lever that prematurely cancels before the turn is fully completed while turning right or left, it will be necessary to scrape some plastic material from the combination switch bracket stopper with a sharp scraper or a knife.

Tools needed:
Phillips Screwdriver
Sharp Knife or Scraper

Repair Procedure:

  1. Verify concern.
  2. Remove upper and lower column covers.
  3. Locate the area to be scraped using Figure 1. The material that is to be removed is shaded light gray in the Figure.
  4. Scrape 0.1 to 0.3mm (.004 to .012 in.) thickness and 1/2 in.in length for right turn cancellation and 1 in. for left turn cancellation from the bracket stopper. See Figure 1.

    NOTE: If the repair is performed for a premature cancellation to the left, the wire harness will need to be temporarily removed from its holder and reinstalled after proper operation is confirmed.

  5. Remove all scraped material.
  6. Replenish grease as necessary.
  7. Recheck turn signal for proper operation.
  8. If operation is normal, reinstall upper and lower column covers.


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