Security System - False Alarms Information

Author: Subaru

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It has been determined that the Security System main switch (on the dashboard) of an SVX can be responsible for causing false alarms when the switch is in the off (latched in position). The internal contacts have been found to acquire a film of oxidation and grease which may interrupt the electrical continuity of the switch.

The SVX Security System and the main switch are in the process of being redesigned, both to correct the main switch condition and to make the operation of the Security System Module more "user friendly". We expect to announce the availability of the modified system in the Spring of 1993.

Prior to the release of this modified system there are some measures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of switch induced false alarms. Prior to delivery of an SVX to a new owner, perform the following as part of the PDI and/or delivery procedure:

  1. Before installing the Security System fuse, operate the main switch at least ten times. This should wipe the contacts clean. Then install the system fuse and program the system in the usual manner.
  2. The dealer representative that delivers and explains the operation of the vehicle to the new owner should recommend that the owner leave the Security System main switch in the "on" (latched out position). Also, he or she should inform the customer that an improved Security System will be available in the Spring of 1993 for retrofit into the SVX at no charge. The owner will be informed by letter when the new system is available. Until then, it is recommended that they should operate the main switch occasionally every week, with the engine running and the vehicle stationary, to keep the contacts clean.

If you have any current customers with a complaint of false alarms when the system is in the off position, the main switch may be replaced as a temporary countermeasure and the customer should be informed of the same information as listed in paragraph 2 above or at the owner's option, the Security System module may be disconnected until the modified system is available.

DO NOT disconnect the Security System fuse. The tail lights are on this fuse.

If you need further clarification on this concern, please contact the Subaru Technical Helpline or your District Technical Manager.

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