Twenty Steps To Successful Auto Transmission Repair

Author: Subaru

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TSB 89-27 (Sept)


  1. As you start work on a transmission, read your ATRA bulletins pertaining to that transmission. (If you do this every time, before you know it you'll have the bulletins memorized.)
  2. Clean the entire transmission, including the valve body.
  3. Check pumps, valve bodies, and cases for warpage.
  4. Flat file pumps, valve bodies, and cases. (Just a few strokes with the file to knock off high spots and handle burrs.)
  5. Check all pump gear clearances.
  6. Check planet pinion endplay and side to side motion.
  7. Soak all planet assemblies.
  8. Soak all friction material for 15-30 minutes.
  9. Sand, tumble, or replace all steel plates.
  10. Re-surface all drums on which a band rides.
  11. Replace all rotating oi1 control rings.
  12. Check all oil control rings, and rubber products in their bores for proper fit.
  13. Replace all major support bushings and bushings that control lube oil.
  14. Pre-lubricate all bushings and thrust washers.
  15. Pre-lube pumps.
  16. Pre-fill torque converters.
  17. Use available manuals to find specifications.
  18. Set correct clutch and band clearances
  19. Take the time to set total unit endplay
  20. Use a torque wrench on all pumps and valve bodies.

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