How to Check ABS Trouble Codes

Author: FSM

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The "ABS" instrument panel light indicates the existance of an ABS code(s). However, it does not indicate the code(s) itself. There is an LED on the ABS control unit (located under the right front seat) that will indicate the detected code. Unlike the other codes the ABS control unit will blink the exact code. There is no long/short blink.

The following self diagnosis will show any fault codes for the engine:

  1. Drive the vehicle at speeds greater then 30kph/19mph for at least one minute. The vehicle must be stopped with the engine running.
  2. If a problem is detected the ABS warning light in the instrument panel will come on. Approximately 5 - 12 seconds after the warning light has come on, the ABS control unit LED will flash the error code.

Note: Both the warning light and the LED remain activated unless the ignition is turned off. Turning the ignition off will erase any codes stored in memory.

Note: Only one trouble code is displayed at a time. If multiple problems exist only the first problem detected is displayed.

List of ABS Trouble Codes

Trouble Code Contents of diagnosis
0 (LED off) Improper power line voltage or faulty harness
1 Broken or shorted solenoid valve circuit(s) in hydraulic unit Left front wheel control
2 Right front wheel control
3 Right rear wheel control
4 Left rear wheel control
5 Faulty wheel ABS sensor Left front wheel speed
6 Right front wheel speed
7 Right rear wheel speed
8 Left rear wheel speed
9 Faulty motor and/or motor relay or broken or shorted harness circuit
10 Faulty valve relay or broken or shorted harness circuit
Faulty valve relay or broken or shorted harness, or interrupted ABS (causing brakes to function as a conventional brake system)
Unidentified fault that is not equivalent to trouble codes 1 - 16
16 Faulty ABS control unit or broken or shorted harness circuit
Faulty ABS control unit or broken or shorted harness, or malfunctioning system or line unidentified by vehicle ABS sensor fail-safe function

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