How to Check Four Wheel Steering Trouble Codes

Author: FSM

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The 4WS warning light indicates a problem with the 4 wheel steering system. Long blinks = 10, short blinks = 1. In other words, two long and two short blinks is a code 22. One long and one short is code 11.

The following self diagnosis will show any fault codes for the 4 wheel steering system:

  1. Remove the kick panel just beside accelerator pedal.
  2. Locate blue wires.
  3. Locate black connector. Hold it so that the notch is up.
  4. With ignition off, insert one (either one) of the blue wires into top row, 4th pin from left. (The black connector has 4 pins in the top row and six in the bottom row)
  5. Turn key to on position, but do not start the car.
  6. Watch flashing 4WS light on dashboard. Count blinks. Long blinks = 10, Short blinks = 1.

To clear existing codes:

  1. Ignition 'OFF'
  2. Remove Fuse SBF7 (4WS) from Fuse Box in Engine Bay. Wait 5 minutes.
  3. Reinsert fuse.
  4. Recheck as above to ensure all codes have been cleared. No codes = steady blinks at 1/4 second intervals.

List of 4WS Trouble Codes

Trouble Code Diagnosis
11 Speed sensor - cut/short
13 Steering Wheel Angle Sensor - off centre
14 4WS ECU - no power
21 Steering Wheel Angle Sensor - cut/short or sensor failed
22 Steering Wheel Angle Speed Sensor - cut/short
31 Rear Wheel Steering Sensor and Motor - failed
32 Rear Wheel Steering Sensor - cut/short or sensor failed
33 Rear Wheel Steering Speed Sensor - cut/short or sensor failed
34/37 Rear Steering Motor - no power
35 Rear Wheel Steering locked due to short in Steering Motor
36 Rear Steering - Left/Right Lock has been exceeded
41/43/44 4WS ECU failed
42 Rear Wheel Steering Motor - no power due to blown fuse
45 Rear Wheel Steering Motor short, ECU failed

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