How to Check Climate Control Trouble Codes

Author: FSM

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There is no light indicating any problems with the climate control system. There is a method to pull any error codes from the system.

The following self diagnosis will show any fault codes for the climate control system:

  1. Run the car until the engine is warmed up to at least 40C/104F then turn off the engine.
  2. While holding both "AUTO" and "OFF" on the climate control system turn the key on.
  3. Any codes detected will be shown on the temperature display.

NOTE: An error code 13 will always be returned if these steps are not performed in clear daylight as the sun load sensor requires a certain amount of light to be considered operational.

NOTE: Anytime codes 13, 33, 34 or 35 are displayed, the condition is one which is currently occurring.

Thorough climate control information can be found in the following PDF file: climate_diag.pdf

List of Climate Control Trouble Codes

Trouble Code Contents of diagnosis
00 No errors operational
11 In-vehicle sensor open
21 shorted
12 Ambient sensor open
22 shorted
13 Sun load sensor open
23 shorted
14 Evaporator sensor open
24 shorted
15 Refrigerant temp sensor open
25 shorted
16 Water temp sensor open
26 shorted
31 Air mix door (PBR) faulty
32 Mode door (PBR) faulty
33 Mix door motor faulty engine
34 Mode door motor faulty engine
35 Intake door motor faulty engine

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