Technical Service Bulletins

4EAT Modifications
A/T Auxiliary Filter Kit
A/T Cooler Hose Kit
ABS Relay Sticking
ABS Wiring Diagram - Manual Update
Acceleration Control
Air Bag Recommendations After Collision
All Automatics - Front Bushing Wear
Audio Door Adjustment
Automatic Transmission Fluid
Automatic Transmission Math Part 2
Axle Nut/ Lug Nut Tightening Specifications
Brake Band Adjustment 4-EAT FWD and 4WD
Brake Vibration Diagnosis and Repair
Cellular Phone Connection
Disc Brake Pad Servicing
Door Glass Weatherstrip Appearance
Double Offset Joint and Axle Boot Installation
Effect of Low Fuel Volatility On Cold Driveability
Electrical Connector Oxidation
Emission Testing, RPM Signal
Engine Testing With A Vacuum Gauge - Auto Trans.
Front Seat Bottom Does Not Readily Relock Into the Track
Fuel Injector Circuit - Manual Update
Fuel Injector Removal Procedures
Fuel Injector Replacement
Fuse Reference Chart Manual Supplement
Fuse to Load Charts - Manual Corrections
Gear Reduction Driven Shaft Replacement
How To Use A Pressure Gauge - Automatic Trans.
Kats Decoater Gun - Instructions
Knock Sensor Inoperative - DTC 22 or 28
Metal Sealing Rings - Automatic Transmissions
Modified Strut Mounts Available to Eliminate Noise
Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Standard
Outside Mirror Glass Replacement Procedure
Oxygen Sensor Replacement Procedures For All Turbos
Parts Replacement When Air Bag Is Discharged In Collision
Planetary Gear Failure
Popping Noise From the Dash Board or Windshield
Power Antenna Servicing
Radio Removal and Installation
Rear Window Defogger Grids/Metal Tab Repair
Reduction Gear and Transfer Gear Phase Matching
Security System - False Alarms Information
Service Helpline Update - February 1995
Service Manual Corrections - Manual Updates
Service Manual Updates
Speedometer Cable Adapter
SRS Air Bag Control Unit Replacement
SRS Airbag Equipped Vehicles
State Emission Testing, VECI Labels
Sticking Sun Roof
Tie Down Procedures To Prevent Engine Damage
Turn Signal Operation
Twenty Steps To Successful Auto Transmission Repair
Usage of Premium/Regular Fuel
Windshield Moulding Rippled - Labor Update
Wiper Blade Servicing