Replacing O-ring Between Reservoir and Pump

Author: Anonymous

Symptoms: noisy pump, uneven power assist

Tools you will need: T40 TORX, 10mm socket, 11mm socket, Phillips screwdriver, 6" socket extension

First, remove the drive belt cover (two torx screws on top - some have -- I think -- hex heads). Once the screws are removed, slide the cover toward the front of the car. It's on a fitted bracket, so, pulling up on it will only frustrate you 'til you've figured out to slide it forward (from experience). Then, remove the cap from the reservoir, pull out the screen, then, using a turkey baster (or, I used a well rinsed hand lotion pump with a piece of flexible aquarium tubing -- pumping into a coffee can), remove the fluid from the reservoir. Once the fluid is removed, take out the two torx bolts on top of the reservoir and remove the (I think) 13mm hex bolt that anchors the reservoir to the engine block. Remove the clamp on the return hose (being careful not to spill fluid on the belts. There will still be fluid in the hose) and remove the reservoir. On the underside of the reservoir is about a 1/8 inch "pipe" (more like a slight protrusion -- see photo below -- the "protrusion" is between the two holes.)

If there are remnants of an old O-ring, peel them off and discard them. Replace the O-ring. Assembly is the reverse of above (it's that simple). Replace fluid with fresh Dexron III ATF. A couple of notes: be careful when replacing the bolts, not to over torque them. The aluminium in the engine block is soft and easy to strip out. Also, the O-ring is a 3.00 part from your Subaru dealer. Just ask them for "the o-ring that goes between the PS pump and the reservoir" they'll know what you mean. Of course, if you're not particular about OEM (Part # 062610110), go to Pep Boys or other auto supply store, buy the "assorted O-ring" package for about a buck fifty. When you have the reservoir off, sort through them to find the correct size and install it. According to Trevor the outer diameter of the o-ring is 15mm while the inner diameter is 11mm making the o-ring thickness 2mm. Use the remainder for orthodontia bands or something else -- you've still saved yourself some bucks.

Once you've re-filled the reservoir, start the car, run the steering lock-to-lock a few times, then, recheck the fluid level -- add if necessary. Voila!