ECU Bead Crush

Author: immortal_suby

The following pictures will assist you with performing the fix in the "Acceleration Control" TSB. (see the TSB section for instructions)

1/92 and 6/91 ECUs

Internal View of the ECU

6/91 ECU No Noise Suppressor Bead to Crush

1/92 ECU With Resistor and Black Noise Suppressor Bead

1/92 - No Tan Resistor and No Black Noise Suppressor Bead to Crush

6/91 Tan Resistor and Crushed Noise Suppressor Bead.

This is a view looking up at the ECU with your head on the floor mat in front of the brake pedal. To remove it, you remove 3 10 mm nuts.

Note: The TCU is located just above the ECU. (See above picture)