Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Author: Dannmarr

Before you start, disconnect the battery.
  1. Place a chuck behind the rear wheels.

  2. Jack the front of the car. I used a garage jack and jack stands. Make sure you know the locations of the jack points before you work under a car.

  3. Disconnect the wires on the sensors (this can be done from underneath or above) a mirror can also be helpful.

  4. Spray the threads of the oxygen sensors with WD-40.

  5. Use a box wrench, open end wrench or a special socket for Oxygen sensors (I used the special socket with a 1 inch box wrench).

  6. Remove the sensors.

  7. Apply lube to the threads of the new sensors before
  8. installing.
  9. Reconnect the wires.

Your done!