Replacing the Power Steering Return Hose

Author: David del Toro

  1. Buy either an OEM replacement hose or a hose from AutoZone or NAPA. The OEM # is 34610PA071 and the Autozone/Advance auto Parts part number is 71224
  2. Remove the H-6 Cover
  3. Remove the Air intake assembly by:
    1. Disconnect the Mass Airflow Sensor

    2. Unclip the Air box cover
    3. Undo the five hoses leading to the intake box (a sixth hose is about 3 inches long, but connects to the ductwork again, so you will not need to disconnect it)
    4. Undo the clamps that connect the ductwork to the throttle body

    5. Remove the entire ductwork

  4. Now, you are ready to begin. The hose clamps are ¼ inch sockets with a flathead slot. You will be much better using the ¼ socket then a screwdriver, as the room to work with is extremely cramped. Look closely in the following picture, at the center of the picture on the left side. You can see the screw shining right below the closer electrical connection.
  5. Most of this procedure is done by feel, but if you get a flashlight and can look down behind the intake manifold, you can see the top screw that you need to get to. Follow this hose down to the bottom connection, and undo this one FIRST, as it will leak out power steering fluid, and you would rather have that dripping from the bottom down then the top onto the bottom hose (I made this mistake, and the hose was very slippery, and made the job much harder)

  6. Undo the bottom hose clamp enough to pull off the hose from the “nipple” it sits on. I managed to get at the clamp screw with a screwdriver, but would recommend using the socket.
  7. Remove the hose from the nipple, and let the PSF drain out.
  8. Undo the top hose clamp, and remove the hose.

  9. Take the hose clamps off of the old hose, and put it on your new one.
  10. Install the new hose with the bottom end first. This will provide you with much more freedom when installing the top section. Surprisingly, there is more hand room for the bottom end then on the top, so you may use a screwdriver with a socket receiver on the tip. This is easier then the ratchet would be.
  11. Connect the top end and use the ratchet to tighten up the hose clamp.
  12. Wipe out all of the power steering fluid that you dripped
  13. Reinstall the ductwork and anything else that you happened to take out.
  14. Re-fill your power steering fluid to the proper level.
  15. Drive away with the help of power steering.